Press Release - 23-August 2013

 ICrypto launches Android platform based encryption software

 Military-grade security using 256-bit encryption key protects personal and corporate information & communication on android based mobile phones by in a microSD form factor


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 23, 2013 - Today ICrypto Sdn. Bhd. (ICrypto®) announces that it is introducing two Android platform based encryption solutions which will utilize a hardware secured element embedded in a microSD card to safeguard sensitive user information. The solutions are called CryptoMail® & CryptoMessenger® respectively.

The CryptoMail® and CryptoMessenger® utilizes a pre-assembly hardcoded unique private security key and 8GB of flash memory built into a microSD card . The CryptoSD card is unique for every user and contains military-grade level encryption besides being on the pending list for the Common Criteria ISO/IEC 15408 EAL 4 approval.

Encryption and decryption are performed point-to-point between the communicated devices, facilitating secured instant messaging chat and secured email even when users are across borders and globally anywhere, with the access to internet via HSPA, GPRS or WiFi.

CryptoMessenger® requires an Android based device with data channels (HSPA/GPRS/WiFi) enabled, a personalized micro SD card and with these it will create secured access link to the ICryptoServer®. Together with the userID and password, the micro-SD card provides a second-level security. It acts as a hardware secured key and is used to govern the authentication and enabling secured communications. CryptoMessenger® establishes a secured link to the ICrypto Server which provides chat services between fellow service subscribers. This secured server also serves to manage user groups and its listed members besides providing key management and user access authorization.

CryptoMail® is a value-extension service of the Crypto Messenger® with core security features from the former, but in addition, it requires a valid 3rd party e-mail account that supports SMTP, IMAP or POP3 protocols. CryptoMail® applications running on the Android platform devices will act as a Mail Gateway Client that will perform point-to-point encryption and decryption on the mails with the help of ICryptoServer®. All secured (crypto & stealth) e-mails may only be sent and read with an authenticated user ID and a valid secured micro-SD card plugged into the device.

The CryptoMail and CryptoMessenger bundle is available for orders delivery to companies or consumers.


About ICrypto

ICrypto Sdn. Bhd. (ICrypto®) is an innovator of the secure microSDs and we are able to deliver hardware security for mobile devices using the microSD form factor at affordable rates with highest value provided. ICrypto continues its world leading secure microSD innovation with the most powerful, fastest and smartest microSD embedded chips and the most sophisticated supporting applications. ICrypto has 8 international patents for encryption products and applications and six more pending.



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