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01ST day of April, 2006

With 5 record breaking feats bestowed by Malaysia Book of Records, Dallab proceeded to gain recognition from Intel for its innovativeness in its product and technological development for the 3rd time in a row in three consecutive years …

Year 2004 – Dallab Embedded Communications Products
Year 2005 – Dallab Innovation Product Development
Year 2006 – Dallab DX8 Innovative Product.

Dallab has always been under the radar screen of high technology companies as it is today still one of the pioneer companies to walk into wireless fidelity communication products (PDA Phones) and Bluetooth solution highway. DX8 in particular, coupled both of these Platformss majestically in its Edge GSM Quad Band powerhouse enabling DX8 to be a pocket pc phone that can be used in almost all parts of the world except those using CDMA Platforms.

In Dallab’s quest for the leading edge Dallab will further enhance its new innovative features under its belt to provide more values to consumers. Hence stay alert to our next announcement.

Thank you.
Dallab Sales and Marketing Sdn Bhd.

18th day of September, 2004
Menara Kuala Lumpur Launch of the DP900 PDA Phone

"Today is indeed a very special and meaningful day for Dallab, a day that marks the beginning of the presence of a truly Malaysian owned brand in the wireless communication market. Today we officially launch the DP900; our first model of Microsoft powered Pocket PC Phone".

CEO Dallab Inc Sdn Bhd

Those were the words from the CEO himself during the launch of the DP900 PDA Phone at Menara Kuala Lumpur. Indeed it was a meaningful day for Dallab. What started out as a dream has finally turned into reality with the launch of the DP900 PDA Phone - the world's first Microsoft Windows Mobile Powered Pocket PC Phone designed with rotary 180° camera and online battery change capability. It has been very successful locally and overseas - picking up recognition in countries like India, Pakistan, Dubai, Thailand, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia. With the encouragement from the success of the DP900, we look forward to bringing you more life-rewarding products in the very near future.

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